Created for those who love modern design, recognize quality workmanship and appreciate small-batch availability.

At an early age, Rumi spent hours poring over her mother’s Bazaar magazines and recreating designs using makeshift patterns and an old Singer. Influenced deeply by her Japanese heritage and a childhood immersed in the creative counter-culture of Northern California’s Bay Area in the late 1970’s, Rumi’s design philosophy follows a tradition of handcrafting as opposed to high volume production.

All patterns and samples are made by Rumi in our Kaka`ako studio. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices.  We believe in supporting other local artists, designers and makers. We believe in nurturing collaborative relationships with highly-skilled individuals, sewers, tailors and suppliers which allows our small business to continue crafting in Hawai`i.

The collection is offered off the rack and cut to order.

photo credit: Ramsey Cheng

photo credit: Ramsey Cheng